Audra Wrightson is an award winning interior designer and the CEO of Audra Interiors, located in Orange County, CA. – Corona Del Mar.

In this video she shares a few very important things to consider when you’re remodeling your kitchen. Whether you’re needing new appliances, wanting to update your countertop or backsplash, or needing more light while cooking and entertaining, Audra shares her tips and tricks of the trade to make your remodel process a less stressful experience overall. Her motto when working with her clients is “Getting it done and designed right the first time!”

Audra is joined by Christie Miller of Eat Train Win. The healthy living architect. She shares tips on eating healthy while creating a fun space to cook in.

Audra not only works with her local clients in Southern Califirnia, but she also travels extensively to clients all over the US and globally to help them design their dream home or commercial space!

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